Network Partner Profile


Swiss Life France

  • Founded in 1898, Swiss Life (France) – a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss Life Group - is today a major player in France for life, health and protection insurance.
  • Operates in life insurance and pensions, group life benefits and health insurance, non-life insurance, private banking and financial services, and assistance.
  • Owns a full-scale private bank, “Swiss Life Banque Privée”.
  • Total premium income in 12 amounted to EUR 3.5 billion.
  • Its products and services are regularly awarded for quality and innovation.
  • Member of the Swiss Life Network since 1962.

Special Advantages

  • Provides tailor-made group health and group life insurance plans that best suit policyholder's needs.
  • Full range of savings products (defined benefit, defined contribution, indemnity on retirement) with highly competitive investment yields.
  • Global health insurance products include assistance for expatriates (evacuation & repatriation).
  • Special conditions are offered to companies that are part of an international group.
  • “Carte Blanche” – one of the best products in the market for direct payment of medical costs; a unique network of practitioners who provide high-quality medical service at a competitive price.
  • Comprehensive claims management.

Coverages and Products

Types of Benefit - Coverage available and poolable:

  • Group Life & Survivors’ Pension
  • Disability Pension / Lump Sum (rider)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (rider)
  • Critical Illness (rider)
  • Medical

Types of Benefit - Coverage available:

  • Old Age Pension / Lump Sum

Available Financial Products:

  • Deposit Administration
  • Pooled Investment Funds
  • Company–Specific Portfolios


  • Established in Paris in 1947.
  • Provides advisory and administration services to employers and claims management to expatriates, including direct settlement with hospitals and selected outpatient facilities worldwide.
  • Serves 7,000 companies and groups, and over 1.3 million beneficiaries in 198 countries.
  • In 2011, EUR 1 billion administered premiums and 34,700 claims settled per day.
  • Employs over 1,000 employees from 34 nationalities, speaking 37 different languages.
  • Has a worldwide presence in France, UK, Switzerland, Tunisia, Kenya, Qatar, Singapore, Canada, USA and Brazil.
  • Certified ISO 9001, V2008 for quality management.
  • In partnership since 2011 with the Swiss branch of HENNER, Sanitas and Swiss Life for the administration of Swiss Life expats schemes for Swiss-based multinationals.

Special Advantages

  • International third party administrator with reimbursements in 147 currencies and worldwide client services 24/7.
  • Worldwide medical network with nearly 12,500 providers (hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centres and pharmacies) in 150 countries, and direct settlement service worldwide.
  • Reimbursement claims processed within 72 hours (excluding payment and banking delays).
  • Reimbursement statements receivable via email and accessible online at any time.

Available services

  • Third Party Administration including
    • members affiliation
    • medical underwriting
    • invoicing
    • claims management
    • real time web-based information