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School leavers

With training at Swiss Life, school leavers will chart the right course for their future – free of detours. We focus on their personal and professional development, with the goal of preparing them for their future.



We support young talents and shape the future by integrating young people into the job market.


Your future: A company that believes in you.


With a specialisation or training agreement, you'll gain diverse theoretical and practical knowledge. You'll receive a valuable first certificate and learn from advisors who will provide you with daily support.

Swiss Life offers you numerous opportunities in the following areas: Actuarial, accounting and controlling, organisation, finance, commercial, HR, contract management and customer service, IT, marketing.


Do you want to get to know our company and our job offers? Then complete a traineeship (1 to 12 weeks) with us. Supported by an advisor, you'll be able to learn about the various duties in conjunction with the careers that interest you.