Swiss Life performs a Group-wide employee survey every two years in cooperation with an independent research institute.

The participation rate in the 2019 survey1 was 89% (+2  percentage points compared with the 2017 survey). The engagement score for the Swiss Life Group shows the extent to which employees are prepared to go the extra mile for Swiss Life. It is above the average at 73%. That is 6 percentage points higher than the score for the peer group comprising the “global financial industry” and only 1 percentage point below the external benchmark comprising “the most successful companies worldwide”. In the 2019 employee survey, Swiss Life refined the ques-tions and specifically included enablement for the first time. Enablement describes the extent to which employees feel they are able to do an interesting job that reflects their abilities and the extent to which working conditions facilitate productive work. The score was 78% (4 percentage points above the external benchmark comprising “the most successful companies worldwide” and 10 per-centage points above the external benchmark comprising the “global financial industry”).

Actively shaping your career

Swiss Life plays an active public role in “self-determined living”. The same aspiration is imple-mented within the company: Swiss Life provides an extensive range of offers and opportunities for its employees to help them shape their working lives themselves through all phases of their career. In its Group-wide “Actively shaping your career” programme, Swiss  Life focuses on three success factors: “Ensuring employability through constant development”, “Valuing and exploiting diversity” and “Maintaining long-term work ability”. In this way, Swiss Life aims to strengthen employees’ individual resources. This takes into account and balances different operational requirements and personal needs in various phases of working and private life.

«Actively shaping your career» defines the following success factors and activities:

 «Ensuring employability through constant development»

  • Continuous training and development for employees of all ages
  • Systematic career analyses and situation reviews for employees of all ages
  • Enabling part-time work in old age

«Valuing and exploiting diversity»

  • Offering flexible working models
  • Promoting cooperation among generations
  • Childcare offerings and support for those caring for relatives
  • Specific training for managers in leading diverse teams
«Maintaining long-term work ability»
  • Offering time-out models
  • Diverse range of offerings for the promotion and maintenance of health
  • Social counselling offers


1Korn Ferry, 2019