The Swiss Life Group aims to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

The nature of the work it performs as a service provider means that general health and safety risks are relatively low in a service provider like Swiss Life. The framework conditions for health and security at the workplace are provided by the local regulatory measures governing each Swiss Life company. Furthermore, all companies implement measures and initiatives aimed at preserving employee health.

Occupational safety and health management  

Security at the workplace (fittings, work stations, instructions) is continuously monitored and adapted to changing requirements.

Good working conditions influence employee health. Swiss Life supports this strategically by promoting uniform work structuring, providing a variety of tasks, fostering social interaction, enabling autonomy, room to manoeuvre and learning and development opportunities, ensuring meaningfulness and showing appreciation for its employees and their performance and contributions.

The measures to maintain employee health, promote good working conditions and prevent inca-pacity to work are based on three pillars:

  • Prevention
  • Early intervention
  • Reintegration

All employees of the Swiss Life Group have access to online offerings consisting of text content, short videos, checklists and learning programmes on the topic of “Health and well-being”, which they can use anytime and anywhere they like. The topics on the online platform are divided among three groups: meaningfulness, dealing with stress and dealing with others (line manag-ers, colleagues).

In addition, the divisions – in collaboration with their social partners – provide supplementary services in movement and sport, massages and therapy, relaxation rooms and all types of consulting, such as nutritional and social counselling and prevention.