Swiss Life continuously invests in the internal and external training and development of its employees. True to the principle of lifelong learning, employees, specialists and managers are offered learning opportunities on specialist topics, enhanced by modules on social and methodological skills.

In France, for example, all employees have received training on the topic of “digitalisation”. The initiative, the brainchild of the “Fédération française de l’assurance”, intends to train employees in the use of digital communication and teach them tips and tricks for their work in the digital age. Since the so-called “Digital Passport” received by participants is recognised in the industry, this measure also serves to maintain employability.

Swiss Life International launched its “Self-Career Management” programme at all locations in 2018, intended to sensitise employees to the continuous evolution of professional demands. To this end, regular assessments and coaching sessions are held featuring constructive consulting to allow employees to keep up to date with the times in a strategic and responsible manner.

Young employees with potential have the opportunity to undertake all sorts of vocational courses, apprenticeships, placements, graduate programmes and combined university degrees. An average of around 350 employees (apprentices and trainees) take part in the courses offered every year. The Swiss Life Group employs this measure to help ensure its future management and professional requirements. The rate of transfers to a continuing employment relationship is 80% on average. Expenses for training and development within the Group amount on average to CHF 28 million (including around CHF 9.5 million for staff in training), or some CHF 2080 per employee annually. As a proportion of staff costs, the outlay for training and development is approximately 2%. The investment is earmarked for a varied, needs-based training offering.

Supplementary to the classic training options, learning content is also offered on a digital plat-form to allow management and employees to add to their training without regard to time or place. The platform permits quick access to standardised management processes, skills-oriented training and other topics associated with social and methodological skills. Swiss Life enhances these offerings with customised training, advising and coaching.