Swiss Life systematically integrates ecological and social factors and aspects of good corporate governance into the investment process. The responsible investment approach covers around 90% of assets under management.

Our approach to responsible investing

Our investment strategy has been oriented to long-term sustainability for over 160 years and is harmonised with insurance liabilities. Our investment policy seeks long-term and stable earnings for our clients and insured persons. Responsible investing at Swiss Life means that environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are included in a controlled and structured investment process, along with risk factors and key financial figures. Swiss Life represents its clients’ interests as an asset manager. Swiss Life is aware of its responsibility and acts accordingly in its investment allocation, its practical investment decisions and the exercise of its voting rights.

Responsible investment report

How we understand and integrate ESG in our investments

Responsible Investment Policy

The purpose of the policy is to describe the various aspects of our responsible investment approach across the different asset classes in order to demonstrate its suitability towards market standards and regulation as well as consistency across the whole organization.



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