As a basis for successful leadership and communication, the Swiss  Life Group has issued behavioural principles that are applicable throughout the Group.

The focus is on encouraging employees to take personal responsibility. By delegating competencies and responsibility to employees, managers do not simply encourage their innovative capability and ability to act independently, they also express respect and appreciation, which leads to greater engagement from everyone. Through their leadership and communication, line managers establish credibility and trust in their daily work, provide guidance and perspective, and put shared goals into practice.

The behavioural principles of the Swiss Life Group:

  • I think and act in an exemplary manner and in the best interests of the company
  • I collaborate effectively in the best interests of the company.
  • I act in an efficient and goal-oriented way.
  • I work in a committed and agile manner.
  • I build trust by listening and communicating openly.
  • I pursue continual self-development.

 The behavioural principles for managers in the Swiss Life Group:

  • I think and act in an exemplary manner and in the best interests of the company.
  • I create meaning and understanding within the context of our purpose.
  • I trust my employees.
  • I encourage appreciative collaboration.
  • I promote the development of my employees.
  • I set and achieve ambitious goals.

Transparent human resources management through standardised processes

The following Group-wide standard HR management processes are used to provide optimal support to managers and employees.

  • Performance reviews with all employees
  • Performance assessments with all employees (setting of objectives and assessment)
  • Professional development interviews and measures
  • Decisions on salaries and promotions
  • Strategy and value-oriented behaviour – as set out in the Group-wide behavioural principles for employees and management
  • Assessment and management of employee risks