As one of Europe’s leading comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions providers, Swiss Life positions itself as a top employer that attracts and retains talented employees and sup-ports their development.

Employees with a high level of performance and strong potential can be nominated for attractive programmes at Swiss Life. Such programmes, in which participants prepare for future roles as project, team, department heads or specialists, also include presenta-tions to the Executive Board or Corporate Executive Board. This way Swiss Life pursues its goal of offering employees prospects within the company. This targeted succession planning enables key positions to be filled with qualified young staff from within the company.

With the introduction of the Group-wide personnel information system (Workday) by 2024, Swiss Life aims to enhance the consistency of HR management processes. The implementation of systematic and comprehensive succession planning adds value. Finding suitable successors for strategic positions at an early stage is of utmost relevance for Swiss Life. A standardised process is used to identify business-critical succession positions, nominate internal and external candi-dates, assess their readiness and development needs, and create and manage succession pools and succession plans.
The individual divisions have specific programmes to help prepare future first and second-level managers (team leaders and department heads) as well as project managers and specialists for their future roles through training modules and project work.

The Key Persons Programme (KPP) is intended for Swiss Life Group management, specialists and project managers who are already in a key function at a senior level or show potential for such a function. The aim of the Group-wide programme is to prepare people who show the desire and ability to help shape the company’s future in their own areas for a key position so that they can live up to their role as decision maker. The programme also plays a role in employee and suc-cession planning. Within a 12-month period, the participants acquire a detailed insight into the most important business areas within the Swiss Life Group, give and receive new impulses and apply what they have learnt to their daily work. The KPP’s focus themes are:

  • People leadership and communication
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Trends and organisational development

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a substantial part of the programme’s resources were invested in organisational development: participants in the two current classes, KPP 2019 and 2020, have spent several months developing concrete ideas as part of a so-called coronavirus mandate on how Swiss Life can emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic. The seven projects selected by the Corporate Executive Board were each sponsored by a representative. The projects include a new digital client platform, specific support measures in the area of virtual and hybrid leadership and new approaches in the area of sustainability.
Alumni of the Key Persons Programme meet the participants every year at the “Shaping the Future Day” event. This conference looks in further detail at strategically relevant issues in the context of implementing the current corporate programme; this involves discussing them with the Group Executive Board and other key people. Additional programmes are also planned in the future to further exploit the potential of the alumni pool.

Average length of service per employee  


In 2021 In 2020
Switzerland 11 11
France 10 11
10 10
International 5 6
Asset Managers 5 5
10 10
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