Swiss Life anticipates the rapid changes in professional knowledge and methodology in the world of work by offering its employees a wide range of training and development activities.

All divisions have a wide range of training offers for managers and for employees who are newly promoted to a management function. These focus on introducing and deepening knowledge of the behavioural principles for managers. In France, Swiss Life offers various management training courses in cooperation with “Grande Ecole de Commerce KEDGE Business School”, leading to a recognised certificate. Other training modules offered by the divisions are an onboarding module for managers joining the company, supervision and peer-to-peer coaching, team development workshops on future-oriented skills, inclusive management coaching and further modules focusing on social and methodological skills.

The continuing development modules offer content through a combination of conventional training formats and a digital platform so that managers and employees can undertake advanced training anytime, anywhere. The learning platform permits quick access to standardised management processes, skills-oriented training and other topics associated with social and methodo-logical skills.

For the training and certification of sales and asset management staff, Swiss Life France has entered into a partnership with KEDGE Business School, EM Normandie Business School and Université Dauphine, Paris.
Young employees with potential have the opportunity to undertake all sorts of vocational courses, apprenticeships, placements, graduate programmes and combined university degrees. Here, Swiss Life places great value on offering them wide-ranging perspectives.

  • At Swiss Life Switzerland, 90% of trainees, interns and graduates on graduate training programmes are offered employment on completion of their training.
  • Swiss Life France has established partnerships with educational institutions in the fields of insurance, actuarial services, finance and engineering. The budding professionals receive support in the development of their abilities, for example through a network of managers and tutors.
  • At Swiss Life Germany, talented youngsters are offered a choice of training courses. In addition, there is a partnership with Hannover Center of Finance e.V., an initiative of Leibniz University in Hanover and various companies.
  • In 2019, the Luxembourg location held negotiations with the universities in Luxembourg, Brussels and Maastricht to develop and introduce partnership offers in order to offer perspective to young people at Swiss Life.
  • Asset Managers offers students employment opportunities while they are studying.