At Swiss Life, doing good is a tradition. In 2019 Swiss Life has donated some 3 million Swiss francs by way of its seven charitable foundations. Swiss Life supports projects and institutions in the fields of culture, science, education and research. The focus is on encouraging commitment, self-determination and confidence.


Foundation work in Switzerland

Swiss Life operates three charitable foundations in its home market of Switzerland. The Swiss Life «Perspectives» Foundation was founded in 2005 on the occasion of Swiss Life’s sesquicentennial. It promotes charitable initiatives in the areas of health, science, education, culture and sport, for which it spends CHF 1.3 to 1.5 million every year.

In its home market Swiss Life runs a second foundation, the «Anniversary Foundation forPublic Health and Medical Research», which was founded in 1957 to mark the company’s centenary. This foundation supports medical research projects and specific charitable organisations for people with physical and mental disabilities.

The Swiss Life Select distribution company operates the «Confidence for Children» foundation in Switzerland, which aims to improve the life and development opportunities of disadvantaged children and give them a better chance at leading a self-determined and independent life. Among its key undertakings are two projects in Kyrgyzstan providing medical care to children with cleft lips and palates.


Foundation work in Germany

With the «Swiss Life Stiftung für Chancenreichtum und Zukunft» (Foundation for opportunities and the future), Swiss Life Germany does its part for knowledge, social innovation and equal opportunity. Founded in 2016, the foundation works towards having as many people as possible in Germany – regardless of their social background – remain curious, acquire knowledge and, as a result, lead a self-determined life.

In 2019, the foundation set up a new project «KinderHelden», a mentoring initiative that gives primary school children who started life in challenging conditions better opportunities for education and a place in society. The project will run for at least three years and more than ten Swiss Life employees already volunteer as mentors.

Corpus Sireo, a German company belonging to Swiss Life Asset Managers, supports the charitable «Cornelius Stiftung für Kinder suchtkranker Eltern» (Foundation for children of parents suffering from addiction). The foundation focuses on the advancement of children from underprivileged homes afflicted by addiction, and thus offers them better perspectives for the future.


Foundation work in France

In France, the company gives support to the Fondation Swiss Life, which supports among other groups France Alzheimer, an association that organises museum and concert visits for Alzheimer's patients and their carers. Furthermore, thanks to a sizeable solidarity network within the company, it also finances cancer research carried out by the Institut Curie and supports culture and artistic work as well.

Foundation work at other locations

Like its counterpart with the same name in Switzerland, the Swiss Life Select distribution company in Austria operates a «Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder», which supports local and international aid projects as well as medical aid in specific cases. The foundation has been cooperating with aid organisations for years to ensure that the donated funds are put to the best use for those in need.

Six years ago, employees of Swiss Life International in Luxembourg initiated «Rock Against Cancer», a benefit concert sponsored by Swiss Life Global Solutions. This annual event raises money for two foundations: Fondation Cancer Luxembourg and Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner (children with cancer). Both foundations are committed to fighting cancer. Although they were not founded by Swiss Life International, it has supported them through donations for years.


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