Hans Knecht of Switzerland has been a Swiss Life customer for 100 years. He still leads an independent life in his own house in Uster near Zurich. Patrick Frost, Group CEO of Swiss Life, had the opportunity to meet Hans Knecht in person.

Hans Knecht meets Group CEO Patrick Frost.

It was his grandfather who decided to provide for his grandson Hans Knecht in 1918. He concluded a contract for a deferred annuity over the age of 40 with the Rentenanstalt, as it was then known. As a result of this prudent pension planning, the now 100-year-old Hans Knecht has received CHF 1000 every year since the age of 40. This makes him the holder of the oldest current Swiss Life policy. 

100-year-old policy – still ongoing

Group CEO Patrick Frost had an opportunity to meet the centenarian in person at his house in Uster, Canton Zurich. The Swiss Life boss found it an inspirational meeting: “Hans Knecht is an impressive example of how we, at Swiss Life, are sometimes in a position to accompany our customers over decades. Not only is that very exciting, it's also a privilege.” Hans Knecht even showed Patrick Frost the original policy from back then, which he has carefully kept throughout the years. It was a special moment, as Patrick Frost explains in this video (see above). 

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