Every Swiss Life customer is unique with their own requirements. Three customers explain below how they were able to count on Swiss Life when fate dealt them a blow or when new avenues opened up for them.

After a medical intervention, everything changed overnight for Ulrich Hess, a family man from Sarnen. His physical limitations also abruptly raised issues of financial security. Franck Maisonnave of Paris had wanted to leave his well-paying job and try his hand at self-employment for some time. Once he and a friend had found a business idea, all he needed was a partner for the financing. Doris Neumair lost the love of her life in a foreign country, suddenly finding herself alone with her two children.

Completely different people and situations, all with one thing in common: they are all clients in a critical phase enjoying the support of Swiss Life to be able to ensure their self-determination.

“When I woke up, I could no longer move from the neck downwards”

An operation with unexpected consequences threw family man Ulrich Hess off track. With a will of iron and the great support of his family, he fought his way back. He will never be able to work full time again. However, he has not lost his financial confidence – also thanks to Swiss Life.

“I was gripped by panic when I heard the news”

In 2016, the Neumair family moved to Dubai as the father was offered a job in the region. Just a few weeks after their arrival, Peter Neumair then died suddenly and unexpectedly. His wife Doris found herself all alone and away from home with her two children. After this unexpected setback, the family received a lot of support from their personal network – and from Swiss Life.

“I feel free to make my own decisions now”

Franck Maisonnave worked as a bond market trader for many years. He left the financial sector in 2016 as he was unhappy in his work and embarked on a radical career change: the Swiss Life customer opted for independence and entered the hospitality sector. Three years later he has opened three restaurants in Paris with financial support from Swiss Life.

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