Swiss Life supports its employees in shaping their working lives themselves through all phases of their career.

With its Group-wide “Actively shaping your career” programme, Swiss Life aims to strengthen the individual resources of its employees. This takes into account and balances differ-ent operational requirements and personal needs in various phases of their working and private life.

Attractive benefits for employees

Employees of the Swiss Life Group benefit from a wide range of operational benefits at all locations. These include the following:

  • Generous contributions to insurance schemes covering the areas of health (health insurance), pensions (retirement provisions) and risk (death and disability)
  • Discounts on public transport
  • Bonuses for recruiting new employees
  • Anniversary payments or additional leave
  • Professional support for professional or private challenges
  • Allowances for weddings and births
  • The option of part-time employment at the end of an employee’s career
  • Professional Support with caring for family members

Work-life balance

Swiss Life wishes to support its employees in reconciling work and private life and offers them corresponding solutions at all locations:

  • Paid maternity/paternity leave in excess of the legally required minimum
  • Various time-out models
  • Flexible working arrangements that facilitate location-independent working
  • Opportunities for part-time employment and job sharing at all hierarchical levels
  • Support in the search for childcare facilities or care for family members

Number of employees taking maternity/paternity leave

Total 560 as at 31.12.2022 Men in % Women in %
Switzerland 65 67.7 31
France 58 35.4 106 64.6
33 47.8 36 52.2
International 12 15.2 67 84.8
Asset Managers 72 47.7 79 52.3
0 0.0 1
42.9 320 57.1

Number of employees who returned to work following completion of maternity/paternity leave  

Total 443 as at 31.12.2022 Men in % Women in %
Switzerland 60 73.2 22 26.8
France 51 41.5 72 58.5
34 43.0 45 57.0
International 12 23.1 40 76.9
Asset Managers 69 59.5 47 40.5
0 0.0
1 100.0
49.9 227

The number of employees who returned in the year under review following maternity/paternity leave may be greater than the number of employees who went on maternity/paternity leave. It is thus possible for the values to exceed 100%. Maternity/paternity leave may have started in the pre-vious year and ended in the year under review.