Good working conditions influence employee health. Swiss Life attaches great importance to ensuring a holistic work structure with a variety of tasks.

Furthermore, it promotes social inter-action and autonomy, and offers professional scope as well as learning and development opportunities. The aim is always to ensure that employees’ work is meaningful and to show them appreciation. Swiss Life aims to offer its employees a safe and healthy working environment.

Occupational safety and health management

The nature of employment at a service provider means that general health and safety risks are rela-tively low. The framework conditions for health and safety at the workplace, which are provided by European and local laws and regulations, apply to all Swiss Life companies and form the basis of all health management standards and guidelines.

Hazard identification, risk assessment and investigation of work-related incidents are integrated into the management system and guaranteed by the relevant regulations and processes, which in turn are based on the aforementioned legal principles. Some examples include:

  • At Swiss Life France, a committee for the management of health, safety and working condi-tions meets quarterly in the presence of employee representatives (employee participation). Accidents at work are analysed and subject to a risk assessment and, if necessary, result in the adaptation of safety measures. An annual review and a risk prevention programme are estab-lished and are the subject of reports submitted to the elected staff representative. Health ser-vices and local representatives support employees in matters relating to health and working conditions. In addition, three specially trained mediators are responsible for preventing har-assment and sexist remarks.
  • At the Luxembourg location of the International division, a staff delegate oversees health and safety aspects in accordance with the legal requirements and in cooperation with the desig-nated employee representative.

To ensure employees’ safety and health, the divisions employ staff at their locations who are spe-cialised in these areas. Moreover, managers are responsible for helping employees to comply with occupational safety
measures and for protecting their health. Together, experts and managers review the impact of the measures taken on an ongoing basis and initiate improvements where necessary.

A wide selection of services to promote health and well-being

All divisions have a wide range of preventive measures for employees to help them stay healthy: These include:

  • Prevention offers for psychosocial risks such as stress, ill-health, addiction, conflicts, mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination, crisis management, conflicts at the workplace, partner-ship problems
  • Support with the organisation and financing of long-term care services
  • Access to an occupational physician
  • Free flu vaccination
  • Health offerings such as a sports club, company fitness, on-site physiotherapy and relaxation rooms
  • Ergonomically designed workstations
  • E-learning offerings on health and well-being

Employee involvement in occupational health and safety matters takes place via the social partners (based on collective agreements and, in Switzerland, on the basis of participation rights). Employees can access the offerings via various communication channels, such as the intranet. In addition, the managers regularly inform staff about the available management channels.

All employees of the Swiss Life Group have access at all times to online training options consisting of text content, short videos, checklists and learning programmes on the topic of occupational safety and health protection which they can use wherever they happen to be.

Thus employee health and prevention programmes are a central focus of the Swiss Life Group’s corporate activities. The emphasis is on preventive care. In cooperation with their social partners,all divisions offer facilities for exercise and sport, massage and therapy (e.g. physiotherapy) plusrelaxation rooms and a full range of advice, including in the areas of nutrition and social counselling. Safety at the workplace (with regard to equipment, work tools and instruction) is continuously monitored and adapted to changing requirements.