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“Everyone around me thought I was completely mad”

Hubert Schwarz of Germany gave up a secure position for the unusual life of an extreme sportsman. In 27 years, he has visited over 80 countries with his bike – including Alaska during the winter.

Turned his hobby into a career: Hubert Schwarz.

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He sees sport as pure freedom. To attain this freedom, he was prepared to give up his secure situation with a good job and regular income. “Everyone around me thought I was completely mad”, says Hubert Schwarz. “Even my trainer at the time said: ‘He’ll never make it.’” They were wrong.

As an extreme sportsman, Hubert Schwarz has done many crazy things. For example, he rode his mountain bike through Alaska during the icy winter. He also cycled 5000 kilometres across the US – from one side to the other. “I fought to chart my own path. This self-determined path.”

The 63-year-old started a foundation with his wife a good twenty years ago to support aid projects for children all over the world. He is currently planning to set up a campus for African students. Hubert Schwarz was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2014 in recognition of his social commitment .

“Self-determined life” video portrait series

In 2018, Swiss Life is devoting a portrait series to twelve people in whose lives self-determination plays an important part. The twelve people are selected from proposals submitted by Swiss Life Group employees. Self-determination – that is the essence of our business at Swiss Life. Life is highly individual and sometimes full of twists and turns. However, when it comes to financial security and covering risks, needs and demands are largely in harmony. With our offers and solutions, we support people in living self-determined lives. That has been the basis of our success for the past 160 years – and it underpins our corporate future.