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"Between 82 and 90 I was out of work"

How does a 96-year-old see the world? Does the young generation's image of life in old age match the reality? With its "Retirement trainee" campaign, Swiss Life Switzerland is rendering life in old age palpable.

Find out for yourself what life is like in old age: that's what four young people did for Swiss Life. The result was four moving accounts, all dedicated in their own way to a longer self-determined life. Produced in a documentary style, the films make plain to what extent our own ideas of old age accord with reality.

The documentaries provide examples of the ageing types "Rebel Ager" (Christa de Carouge), "Conservative Ager" (Toni Borter), "Ageless Ager" (Charles Eugster) and "Predictive Ager" (Verena Speck).

Study of pensioners' lives in the future

The four ageing types shown in the retirement trainee films are based on the study "Digital Ageing – Towards an ageless society" The study was performed in 2015 by Switzerland's Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) commissioned by Swiss Life. It uses a survey to develop scenarios for the life of the pensioner of tomorrow, and to predict the implications of longevity for the economy and for society.

"Rebel Ager" (Christa de Carouge)

"Conservative Ager" (Toni Borter)

"Ageless Ager" (Charles Eugster)

"Predictive Ager" (Verena Speck)

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