Analyst Recommendations

Below are the analyst recommendations about the Swiss Life share known by Investor Relations.

Please note that the published recommendations represents information from analysts and not of Swiss Life. Swiss Life assumes no responsibility for the up-to-dateness of this information and does not distribute the reports.

As of 28.02.2018

Company Analyst Recommendation Date
Autonomous Farquhar Murray Sell 16.08.2017
Berenberg Trevor Moss and Iain Pearse Hold 14.09.2017
BofAML Andrew Sinclair Hold 22.08.2017
Baader Helvea Daniel Bischof Buy 14.09.2017
Exane BNP Paribas Guilhem Horvath Hold 14.09.2017
HSBC Dhruv Gahlaut Sell 04.07.2017
JP Morgan Michael Huttner Hold 16.08.2017
KBW Ralph Hebgen Hold 18.08.2017
Kepler Cheuvreux Peter Eliot Buy
MainFirst René Locher Buy 14.09.2017
Octavian Anne-Chantal Risold Buy 28.11.2017
UBS Jonny Urwin Buy 19.02.2018
Vontobel Stefan Schürmann Buy 14.09.2017
Zürcher Kantonalbank Georg Marti Buy 14.09.2017