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Shareholder Services

Our Shareholder Services department offers shareholders living in Switzerland a free share safekeeping account with a wide range of custody services.


Share Register

Entry in the share register is essential if you wish to exercise your participation rights at general meetings.


Why register?

By entering their name in this register, shareholders receive additional rights and simplify the administration of the shares they hold. The advantages of registration include the following:

  • the shareholder receives legal participation rights at the AGM
  • transfers of registered shares are recorded
  • shareholder data is actively managed
  • the invitation to the AGM is sent directly to the shareholder along with the agenda.

Entry in the share register

Shareholders with shares held in a Swiss Life safekeeping account can be entered in the share register as owner or beneficiary.

You can then exercise your voting rights at the next Swiss Life Holding Ltd AGM in person or by proxy.