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Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt: Prestigious Awards for Successful Asset Management


The Asset Management Division of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt, which is responsible for managing the main part of the Group's assets of some 180 billion Swiss francs, was conferred numerous awards for its successful investment activities in 1999:

Standard & Poor's Fund Services and Lipper Schweiz AG granted both Proteus Funds, European Equity Fund and UK Equity Fund, three prestigious Standard & Poor's Swiss Fund Awards (former Micropal Awards) for the best performance in their respective sectors and a "Cash-Lipper Leader Certificate for High Performance", respectively. Proteus Funds belong to the increasingly growing "fund family" of Swiss Life Funds which currently includes close to twenty investment funds throughout Europe. The European Equity Fund is geared towards long-term capital growth and usually comprises stocks of large Continental European, British and Irish corporations. The fund's basic currency is the Euro. Stocks of British corporations with an above average growth potential are represented in the UK Equity Fund. The basic currency is the sterling pound.

In addition, Swiss Life Asset Management specialists were honoured with the British award "Pooled Fund Manager of the Year 1999", and the "European Equity Fund Manager of the Year" award was granted by the English journal entitled "Euro".

The prizes and awards listed individually:

Standard & Poor's Fund Services
- Award for the best Equity Europe Fund over one year (of 65 investment funds) and the best Equity UK Fund over one year and five years, respectively (of 18 and 17 investment funds, respectively)
Lipper Schweiz
- "Cash-Lipper Leader Certificate for High Performance" for the best performance in the sector of UK stocks (of 18 investment funds)
Euro Magazine (UK)
- "European Equity Fund Manager of the Year"
Professional Pensions (UK)
- "Pooled Fund Manager of the Year"
- "First Medium Balanced Fund Over 1 Year"
- "First Equity UK Fund Over 3 Years"
- "First Fixed interest Fund Over 1 Year"
TIJD (Belgium)
- Award for the best Belgian equity fund over one year