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Foundation of "Adamant Biomedical Investments Ltd"


Swiss Life Asset Management - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt and the fourth largest institutional asset manager in Switzerland – has created "Adamant Biomedical Investments Ltd", with three former partners of the Bellevue Group. It will be headquartered in Basel.
"Adamant" is the first investment management company to focus on a combination of world-wide investments in the rapidly growing bio- and medical-technology ("biomed") sectors, where growing opportunities for investment are being forecast. Swiss Life Asset Management will own 51% of the new company; a future listing on the stock exchange will be considered.

This joint venture with three recognised specialists in the sector, Dr. Nora Frey, Dr. Philipp Mekler and Dr. Cyrill Zimmermann, is another important step in Swiss Life Asset Management’s declared strategy of providing investors both with a first-class range of traditional asset management services, and access to innovative investment sectors, which show substantial prospects for future growth.

"Adamant" is supported by a global network of experts in clinical research and, from its location in Basel, the company has extensive access to first-class contacts within specialist firms in the biomed sector. In partnership with the Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt Group, "Adamant Biomedical Investments Ltd" combines an entrepreneurial culture, financial strength and a sound business environment. From this strong beginning, the company is expected rapidly to develop as one of the leading European providers in this sector.

Dominique Morax, CFO of Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt, will be Chairman of the new company, which will be operational with immediate effect. At the outset, the product range

will comprise the "Swiss Life Biomedical Fund", a Luxembourg SICAV, an investment company, and a segregated asset management service. While the SICAV is designed for the private investor, "Adamant" will offer bespoke solutions as well as an investment company, which is scheduled to be listed on the stock exchange at a later point in time, to cover institutional investors' needs.