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New Head of European Business Operations


Hans-Rudolf Strickler, 53, lic.oec.publ., will head Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt's European Division as of June 1st, 2001. This division comprises the branch offices and subsidiaries abroad. For the past 20 years, Hans-Rudolf Strickler was charged with a variety of international functions at "Winterthur". As a Member of the Corporate Executive Board, he was responsible for European insurance operations (life and non-life) from 1995 - 2000.
As per June 1st, 2001, Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt will unite the two divisions Europe I and Europe II to form a single division. The two current heads of these divisions, Co-Presidents Ernst Schneebeli and Markus Weisskopf, will retire following 30 years and 25 years of service to the company respectively.

Hans-Rudolf Strickler will join Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt on March 1st, 2001. Following an orientation period at the various branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe, he will assume his function as Co-President and Member of the Corporate Executive Board as per June 1st, 2001.