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Adamant - Successful First Year


Adamant Biomedical Investments AG , a Joint Venture between Swiss Life Asset Management (51%) and three former partners of the Bellevue Group, announced a performance of +13.4% as of end of December, 2001 with their Swiss Life Funds (LUX) - Equity Biomedical (SICAV fund). The Swiss Life Funds (LUX) - Equity Biomedical, launched on April 2, 2001, was subsequently approved in Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Further approvals are foreseen in France and the Netherlands during 2002.

The investment company Adamed showed a pro forma performance of +5.9% for the year 2001 and was able to clearly outpace its competition. Corresponding relevant indices, e.g., the MSCI Health Products Index or the BTK Biotech Index, showed markedly lower performances of +3.8% and -8.5%, respectively.

Adamant currently manages approximately CHF 140mn , focusing on Biomedicine and employing a staff of eight. Their management team and investment committee consist of experienced specialists in the health and finance industries.

Adamant's Diamond Concept combines investments in biotechnology, medical technology and specialty pharmaceuticals with the goal to participate in the high-growth biomedical market while minimizing the price volatility often seen in biotechnology stocks.

Adamant's management is convinced that demographic pressure and therapeutic breakthroughs will sustain high market growth potential in biomedicine well beyond the year 2010.

Adamant Biomedical Investments AG
Cyrill Zimmermann, Dr. oec.
Tel. +41 61 275 92 11