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RMF Investment Group and Swiss Life Hedge Fund Partners to merge


Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt is to carry out a reorganisation of its hedge fund and leveraged finance activities. The subsidiary Swiss Life Hedge Fund Partners, a joint venture with RMF, will now become fully integrated into the RMF Investment Group.
This restructuring of hedge fund and leveraged activities will both ensure a simplification of structures and lead to increased efficiency in market development. The staff of Swiss Life Hedge Fund Partners will be given the opportunity to work for one of the corresponding teams at the RMF Investment Group. In future, the investments in Hedge Funds and Leverage Finance held by Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt and its customers, which total more than CHF 5 billion, will be managed by the RMF Investment Group. Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt's 23.5% stake in the RMF Investment Group will not be affected.

The RMF Investment Group, based in Pfäffikon/SZ, is one of the leading providers of innovative solutions in the area of alternative investment strategies. Its services include advice, structured products and capital market solutions. The RMF Investment Group has over CHF 15 billion in assets under management and employees 175 members of staff.