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Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt's General Meeting


At the regular general meeting on May 24th, 1'153 Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt shareholders approved the Annual Report 2001 and discharged the bodies of the company. No dividend will be distributed for the 2001 financial year.
The general meeting approved the Board of Directors' proposal of renouncing the distribution of a dividend for the 2001 financial year. The majority of shareholders also approved the other proposals, against some of which La Fondiaria, one of the company's major shareholders (approximately 10%), raised objections. Prior to the general meeting, La Fondiaria had requested information on a variety of topics to which the Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Board issued a written statement at the general meeting.

Albert Eggli and Pierre de Chastonay are retiring from the Board of Directors as a result of having reached the statutory age limit. In addition, Christine Beerli, member of the Council of States, has tendered her resignation. Gilbert Coutau and Josef Kühne were re-elected for a term of office of three years each. Ulrich Oppikofer was re-elected for a term of two years. The Board of Directors is currently composed of 9 members.

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG was determined by the general meeting as Group auditor and statutory auditor for the year 2002.

1'153 shareholders participated at the general meeting which was held at the Zurich Hallenstadion. They represented 6'988'697 votes, equalling 59.49% of the capital entitled to vote.