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Swiss Life with new Group Executive Board


Following the successful capital increase Swiss Life Group now also has its new seven member Group Executive Board in place. Reto Himmel (Chief Information and Technology Officer), Paul Müller (Chief Markets Officer) and Martin Senn (Chief Investment Officer) have been appointed by the Board of Directors as new members of the company's operational management body. Michael Koller has also been promoted to the position of Chief Risk Officer. Andreas Hildenbrand will become the new Head of Group Communications.

Less than a month after assuming the position of CEO of Swiss Life Holding, Rolf Dörig has put the new management team in place. The new Executive Board is made up of representatives from five functional areas of responsibility which cross national boundaries. The postholders are as follows:

- Rolf Dörig, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
- Reto Himmel, Chief Information and Technology Officer (CTO)
- Michael Koller, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
- Paul Müller, Chief Markets Officer (CMO)
- Bruno Pfister, Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
- Martin Senn, Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
- René van der Smeede, International Markets

The new Head of Group Communications, Andreas Hildenbrand, will take over the responsibilities of Marie-Therese Guggisberg, who is leaving the company at her own request to enter retirement. The new Group Executive Board will begin its work as of 1 January 2003 with the exception of Paul Müller and Reto Himmel who will take up their positions as of mid-January 2003.

"We are all teamplayers"
CEO Rolf Dörig on the new team at the head of Swiss Life Holding: "We are all teamplayers. We want to achieve something. We share a basic understanding of what corporate management should mean and enthusiasm for the tasks facing us. I am convinced that we will succeed in implementing our corporate strategy, thanks to the great wealth of professional experience gathered together in the new Group Executive Board. As a team we are embarking on a challenging process whose further development will involve both the members of the Group Executive Board and all our employees. And so we will once more become efficient and successful."

Transparent and open
Communication is a central component of the new corporate culture. The new Group Executive Board places value on transparency in its dealings with employees, customers, shareholders and the general public. Establishing open communication within the Swiss Life Group will be one of the central tasks assigned to Andreas Hildenbrand as new Head of Group Communications.