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Long Term Strategy: Statement concerning the ruling of the Federal Office of Private Insurance


After more than four months of investigation, Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt welcomes the conclusion of the inquiry into matters concerning Long Term Strategy AG (LTS) conducted by the Federal Office of Private Insurance (FOPI). Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt made an important contribution to these proceedings by providing the results of its own investigations, as well as detailed documentation concerning LTS. The review by the Federal Office of Private Insurance confirms the following:

- LTS was correctly represented in Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt’s annual financial statements for 2000 and 2001
- LTS and its corporate bodies were properly entered in the register of companies, which could be examined by anyone
- the LTS scheme, as approved by the Board of Directors’ Committee, took the form of an investment company in compliance with Swiss law
- the activities of LTS generated a profit for Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt from which its insured persons also benefited.

A study by independent external experts commissioned by Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt further concluded that

- the Board of Directors’ Committee fulfilled its duty of supervision, and
- all costs arising in connection with LTS were reimbursed to the company by LTS and its shareholders

As to the question of whether the Board of Directors¡¦ Committee breached its duty of supervision, the conclusions of this expert opinion contradict the statement by the Federal Office for Private Insurance. The possibility of contesting the FOPI decision on this point will be explored following receipt of the formal ruling.

Yet another legal opinion drawn up by external experts came to the conclusion that, based on what is known at this time, there are no legal grounds for Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt to bring civil suit against the former members of the Corporate Executive Board who participated in LTS. However, Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt intends to reconsider this point based on the Federal Office of Private Insurance ruling and to exhaust all available legal remedies.

The company's reputation has been damaged by LTS to an extent exceeding its substantive importance. Mistakes were made, and these have been rectified. The Board of Directors has drawn the necessary conclusions, as evidenced by the changes in top management, and the separation of duties of the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Investment Officer. There is no longer an investment company at Swiss Life/Rentenanstalt for its management.

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