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Changes at Swiss Life Private Equity Partners


In the context of the Swiss Life Group's strategic realignment, the adjustment of its investment strategy and the forthcoming changes at Private Equity Holding, Swiss Life Private Equity Partners will also be refocusing its activities.

This new orientation was the subject of insurmountable differences of opinion between Swiss Life and part of the Swiss Life Private Equity Partners management. Swiss Life is therefore severing its ties with David Salim, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Life Private Equity Partners, and Thomas Grotzer, Chief Operating Officer of Swiss Life Private Equity Partners, with immediate effect. Peter Derendinger, designated member of the Swiss Life Private Equity Board of Directors, is assuming responsibility for the unit's operations.

Swiss Life Private Equity Partners is a wholly owned Swiss Life subsidiary specialising in asset management and investment consulting in the private equity sector. Its mandates include managing the portfolio of Private Equity Holding, a company traded on the stock exchange.

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