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MetallRente: Swiss Life leads German consortium for occupational disability insurance


From November 2005 MetallRente, the largest superannuation scheme in Germany, is offering private occupational disability insurance. The product provider for this new offer is Swiss Life, which presented the most convincing proposal in an internal and external benchmarking exercise, and now leads a consortium of well-known insurers for MetallRente.BU.

MetallRente, a joint collaboration between IG Metall and Gesamtmetall, is the largest superannuation scheme in Germany, and, as well as serving employees in both the metal and electronics industries, it also develops solutions for other sectors. At the end of 2004 its premium income amounted to EUR 175.5 million. In order to implement the contractual tariff provisions, MetallRente initiated a new consortium which supplements the previous range of coverages with occupational disability insurance.

In a bidding process with other well-known insurance companies, Swiss Life stole the show with its product that was designed specifically for the MetallRente superannuation scheme. Following its "best in class" principle, Swiss Life won the bidding with an outstanding idea.

"With the private occupational disability insurance (MetallRente.BU ), MetallRente is widening its product range for the approximately 4 million employees in its affiliated sectors. We are delighted that our product was received so positively and that we have the opportunity to promote the idea of MetallRente in our position as consortium leader," comments Manfred Behrens, CEO of Swiss Life Germany, on the decision.
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