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Brand and history of Swiss Life

Almost 160 years of experience stand behind our position as a leading provider of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions. We pursue our mission with a clear strategy and support our customers so they can lead a longer self-determined life with confidence. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. The future starts here.


Brand personality

A charismatic logo and strong brand personality are central to success in a competitive market environment.

Our Logo

The Swiss Life logo combines the over 160-year-old company with its objectives. The red colour and Swiss cross stand for our roots. The three lines in the logo symbolise the most prominent lines on the palm of the right hand. They express our focus on people and their specific needs in our capacity as a provider of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions.


Our Brand Personality

We enable people to lead a self-determined life.

Our Values


Support individuality – the way we think

We know our customers. We understand their needs and empower them to make the right choice from a wide range of flexible solutions to lead a self-determined life.


Create confidence – the way we feel

We work with passion to contribute to our customers’ peace of mind. A positive attitude towards life characterises the lifelong relationship we strive for.


Prove reliability – the way we act

We serve our customers with our know-how built on long-standing experience and financial solidity. We act responsibly to be their trusted partner.