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The future starts here.

Swiss Life is there when our customers shape their own future.


Swiss Life today

Much has changed since 1857, when Swiss Life had five employees working in a small building tucked away on Paradeplatz in Zurich.

People are living longer, are more mobile and structure their lives in an individual and self-determined way. They also have different ideas about the future. They pursue a career, plan for a family and their own home or look forward to retirement. They live and work according to their own values. In a changing world of limitless opportunity, one thing remains constant: The wish for security.

There is one common denominator among all the different goals people have for their future: No-one can predict what is to come, but we still keep remoulding it, each in our own way. Whether planning, starting or in the midst of it – Swiss Life is there when our customers are shaping their future. That includes when everything turns out differently. After all, life changes as much as we do.

As a leading provider of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions we support our customers in leading a longer self-determined life with confidence.

The future starts here.