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The Swiss Life Group operates in Switzerland, Germany and France, and it has competency centres in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Singapore.


Asset Managers

For more than 160 years we prove our expertise in this field as Asset Manager for Swiss Life’s insurance business as well as for retail and institutional clients.


Swiss Life Asset Managers is an ambitious and reliable European asset manager and leading real estate manager in Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the UK. Swiss Life Asset Managers has more than 160 years of risk management experience

Risk management as the heart of our investment philosophy

This insurance background has exerted a key influence on the investment philosophy of Swiss Life Asset Managers. Long-term, stable investment income is our goal. This provides our customers with the basis for solid, long-range planning, in self-determination and confidence.

Over 1800 employees work for Swiss Life Asset Managers in Europe. They perform services and develop tailor-made investment strategies for our own insurance companies and for third parties, for instance pension funds, investment foundations, asset managers and private clients served via the Swiss Life network.

Our core competencies include the provision and active management of a broad range of solutions in the bonds, real estate, equity, infrastructure and multi-asset investment classes.

As at 31 December 2018, Swiss Life Asset Managers managed a total volume of CHF 232.6 billion in assets for the Swiss Life Group, including over CHF 71.2 billion for third-party asset management.

Leading real estate manager in Europe

Swiss Life Asset Managers is also Europe's leading real estate manager,1 with CHF 62.7 billion of a total volume of CHF 232.6 billion in assets under management invested in real estate. In addition, Swiss Life Asset Managers has real estate under administration of CHF 28.5 billion through its subsidiaries Livit, in Switzerland, and Corpus Sireo, in Germany. Total real estate under management as of 31 December 2018 thus stood at over CHF 91.2 billion.

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