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How we are organized

The Swiss Life Group is committed to openness and transparency in management and actively supports good corporate governance. Swiss Life's corporate governance is based on the SIX Swiss Exchange Directive, which came into force on 1 July 2002, and on national and international best practice.



The compensation policy underpins the performance culture required by the corporate strategy and is part of the HR policy. The aim is to retain well-qualified employees and gain new, highly skilled staff.

The compensation system is in line with the market environment and must be competitive. The individual overall compensation takes into account the employee’s professional skills, engagement and personal performance. It is made up of the basic salary, a short-term variable compensation component based on achievement of the annual objectives, which is generally paid in cash and possibly in shares and, if applicable, as deferred compensation in cash, and a long-term variable compensation component in the form of an equity compensation plan, as well as contributions to occupational provisions and risk insurance.

The salary is determined according to the employee’s function and skill set, and is annually reassessed and adjusted if appropriate. Salary comparison studies and recognised job evaluation systems are used to check appropriateness and to ensure internal and external comparability.

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