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Organisation and principles

The Swiss Life Group is committed to openness and transparency in management and actively supports good corporate governance.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association form the basic legal document for the company. They outline the company's purpose and the underlying organisational operating conditions and they are approved by the Annual General Meeting.

International accounting

The consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with and comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Summary of Significant Accounting Policies:
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Code of Conduct

The values, principles, rules and guidelines for the business activities of Swiss Life Holding and all entities of the Swiss Life Group can be found in the Code of Conduct. It gives guidance for the interactions of employees with each other and with persons outside Swiss Life.

Independent management

Swiss Life’s two management bodies are strictly separate: the Board of Directors and the Corporate Executive Board. A member of the Board of Directors may not also be a member of the Corporate Executive Board and vice versa. No member of the Board of Directors, moreover, has any significant business relationship with Swiss Life Holding or any other Group company. The Board of Directors is continually and comprehensively briefed on the activities of the Corporate Executive Board.

Tax Policy

Swiss Life Group takes its corporate responsibility seriously and ensures tax compliance of its entities. For the purpose of transparency we therefor publish our tax policy annually.

Tax Policy 2017