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How we are organized

The Swiss Life Group is committed to openness and transparency in management and actively supports good corporate governance. Swiss Life's corporate governance is based on the SIX Swiss Exchange Directive, which came into force on 1 July 2002, and on national and international best practice.


Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Report describes the essential features of corporate governance at the Swiss Life Group. The full report is available in the online annual report. Below you will find an extract from the report.

As was the case last year, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is again serving as external statutory auditor for all Swiss Life Group companies that are directly or indirectly held by Swiss Life Holding under its scope of consolidation.

PwC confirms that it meets the legal requirements concerning professional qualification and independence.

The Articles of Association stipulate that the external auditor is to be elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for one financial year at a time. When Swiss Life Holding was estab-lished in 2002, PwC was named statutory auditor and Group auditor. Since then PwC has been elected without fail. PwC has also acted as statutory auditor for Swiss Life Ltd since 1994. Swiss Life Holding last invited tenders for its statutory auditor and Group auditor mandate for the 2008 financial year. On completion of the evaluation process, the Board of Directors, in accordance with the proposal of the Audit Committee, again nominated PwC as its statutory auditor and Group auditor at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The role of lead auditor rotates in compliance with the term of office regulations stipulated by the Swiss Code of Obligations, the independency guidelines set forth by the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants, and internal guidelines at PwC. Accordingly, the partner at PwC in charge of auditing the Swiss Life Holding annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements (lead auditor), who has exercised this function since 2011, will be replaced by another partner for the 2018 financial year.

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Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors SLH shares 31.12.2017
Rolf Dörig, Chairman of the Board of Directors
34 364
Gerold Bührer 7 465
Frank Schnewlin 5 118
Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli 589
Ueli Dietiker 841
Damir Filipovic 1 572
Frank W. Keuper 809
Stefan Loacker 600
Henry Peter 9 995
Franziska Tschudi Sauber 3 061
Klaus Tschütscher 809
Total Board of Directors
65 223

Corporate Executive Board

Members of the

Corporate Executive Board

Restricted Share Units

(RSU) 31.12.20171

SLH shares


Patrick Frost, Group CEO 10 139
10 949
Jörg Arnold 1 367
Thomas Buess 6 067
19 743
Nils Frowein 4 958
1 020
Markus Leibundgut 5 070
4 544
Stefan Mächler 4 816
1 500
Charles Relecom 4 756
1 431
Total Corporate Executive Board
37 173
39 437

1 Total number of RSUs allocated in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 in connection with the relevant equity compensation plan. The RSUs represent future subscription rights that entitle the individuals concerned to receive SLH shares after a period of three years, provided that the relevant conditions are met at that point.

In addition to its comprehensive Annual Report and Financial Statements, Swiss Life also publishes its half-year results.

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The registered shares of Swiss Life Holding (SLHN) have a nominal value of CHF 5.10 each. They are traded on the Stock Exchange in Zurich.

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There are approximately 160 000 registered shareholders - around 4 100 of whom are institutional investors.

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Swiss Life Holding is a public limited company incorporated under Swiss law with its registered office in Zurich and dates back to the Schweizerische Rentenanstalt founded in 1857. The holding company brings all companies and activities of the Swiss Life Group under one roof.

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