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How we assume responsibility

Swiss Life attaches great importance to responsible corporate conduct – be this in its business activities, society, its role as an employer or towards the environment.


Corporate Responsibility

In the pursuit of its core business, financial provision and consulting, Swiss Life contributes directly to society. Swiss Life aims to act responsibly in its everyday business and as an employer as well as in relation to society and the environment. All topics associated with corporate responsibility are summarised in the corporate responsibility framework, which was reworked in 2018 and is now valid for the entire Swiss Life Group. The purpose is the company’s core, while the individual subject areas reflect the focus topics.


Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

Swiss Life’s Corporate Responsibility Report meets the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a framework for transparent sustainability reporting. The report on the 2018 financial year comprises the Switzerland, France, Germany, International and Asset Managers segments. It was prepared in accordance with the GRI standards in conformity with the “Core” option. The GRI aims on the one hand to provide support to companies, governments and NGOs in focusing on those areas of interest to companies and their stakeholders,while the standardised format of the reports, based on key figures, also contributes to the comparability and transparency of sustainability reporting.