How we assume responsibility

Swiss Life attaches great importance to responsible corporate conduct – be this in its business activities, society, its role as an employer or towards the environment.


Responsibility in our business operations

Swiss Life maintains high standards for its consulting, service and product range. Diligence and responsible action form the basis for successful business operations.

Diligent business conduct in compliance with the law is a given for Swiss Life. The basis for this is provided by the values set out in the Code of Conduct, diligent and forward-looking risk management and a regular inventory of customer requirements.

Swiss Life has potential for profitable growth in all markets. Its divisions are managed in accordance with a multi-local approach; a significant portion of the decision-making power is with the local divisions. This ensures that decisions can be made close to the market and with commensurate effect. Customer needs form the basis for local guidance. Only those who can win over existing customers and the new generation with relevant offers and services will be among the winners in decades to come. Swiss Life is closely oriented to customer needs and invests in consulting, digitalisation and organic growth. With these measures, Swiss Life aims to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty along with the recommendation rate, and thus further expand the groundwork for future economic success.


Customer centricity is a strategic thrust of Swiss Life. The company has launched various initiatives in recent years with an eye to further strengthening Swiss Life’s customer centricity.

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Swiss Life has longstanding experience in developing innovative and customer-oriented products in its life insurance and pensions business.

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Swiss Life sets great store by compliance with all applicable legal provisions and regulatory stipulations in all its activities. In addition to the Code of Conduct there is also a comprehensive directives system which defines minimum standards mandatory Group-wide, and implemented in all business units in corresponding local regulations. In this directives system, Swiss Life sets out, for example, the duties, responsibilities and competencies of Compliance.

Compliance focuses in particular on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the observance of sanctions and embargoes, data confidentiality, conformity with data protection, avoidance of conflicts of interest, preventing insider trading and market manipulation and monitoring and assessing the legal and regulatory environment. It ensures that employees receive ongoing training in topics relevant to compliance.

By means of precise investigations in accordance with the local regulatory environment and local legislation, Compliance supports employees and management in their work with an eye to avoiding infringements of legal and regulatory stipulations. Regular risk assessments as well as permanent and comprehensive compliance reporting to the top echelons provide support for the implementation of all requisite measures at Group level as well as within the business units.

The compliance framework is subject to periodic review and is reworked and adapted to new prerequisites as necessary.

The year under review saw Swiss Life subject to no monetary penalties or fines, and the company did not make any settlements in connection with corruption charges.


Swiss Life pursues an integrated, value-oriented risk management approach ensuring the protection and the best-possible investment of the risk capital. 

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Swiss Life manages assets for its own insurance companies and for institutional investors as clients (such as pension funds, fund management companies, other insurance companies etc.), whereby it complies with the stipulations of the supervisory authorities as an insurance company and asset manager. Furthermore, Swiss Life relies on the aforementioned integrated, value-oriented risk management with an eye to protecting customer assets and optimally deploying risk capital.

As a manager of insurance companies’ and institutional investors’ assets, Swiss Life represents clients’ interests. The company is aware of its duty to policyholders and customers and acts responsibly in its asset allocation and when exercising voting rights.

Moreover, Swiss Life undertakes to observe ethical principles, besides acting in accordance with the law, when taking investment decisions.


Swiss Life ensures that its procurement is in compliance with all applicable legislation. When selecting suppliers and partners, Swiss Life bases its decisions on ethical and ecological principles and works with local suppliers wherever possible.


The values, principles, rules and guidelines for the business activities of Swiss Life Holding and all entities of the Swiss Life Group can be found in the Code of Conduct. It gives guidance for the interactions of employees with each other and with persons outside Swiss Life.