Responsibility in our business operations

Swiss Life maintains high standards for its consulting, service and product range. Diligence and responsible action form the basis for successful business operations.

Economic performance and sustainable profitability are the basic conditions for Swiss Life’s conduct. Swiss Life has continually increased its operational effectiveness over the past ten years.

Swiss Life’s operations are oriented towards the long term. We must be able to keep promises we make to our customers for decades. That is why long-term investing plays a central role in the life insurance business. Swiss Life has crafted its investment strategy to ensure that the interest margin remains positive even when interest rates stay low for more than three decades. What is more, Swiss Life has not ceased developing its business model over recent years, and has reduced its dependency on investment results by expanding its fee and commission business. With its successful enhancement of asset management for third parties, independent IFA channels and new initiatives, such as consulting or real estate broker business, Swiss Life has significantly increased the contribution made to its result by so-called fee business.

Swiss Life reports regularly on its strategic priorities, its medium-term business goals and associated financial objectives. In November 2015 Swiss Life presented its Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2018”. In addition to its further expansion of fee and commission business, Swiss Life aims to consistently focus all business processes on its customers and invest in the continuing development of its business model. The investments are to be primarily in digitalisation, quality of advice and organic growth initiatives. With these measures, Swiss Life is laying the groundwork for the company’s sustainable profitability.

Customer centricity is a strategic thrust of Swiss Life. That’s why we regularly measure our customer’s satisfaction and incorporate the results into the way we develop our products and services.

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Swiss Life has 160 years of experience in developing products and services in its life insurance and pensions business. The Swiss Life product strategy thus combines optimal customer value with profitability for the company.

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Business conduct in compliance with the law is a given for Swiss Life. Swiss Life accompanies its customers over many years. Responsible risk management is thus indispensable.

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Swiss Life’s investment strategy is designed on a sustainable and long-term basis and harmonised with insurance liabilities. The company’s investment policy is oriented towards long-term and stable returns. Swiss Life represents its clients’ interests as an asset manager. The company is aware of its responsibility as demonstrated by its actions in investment allocation and the exercise of its voting rights according to clearly defined criteria.

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Swiss Life ensures that its procurement is in full compliance with the law. When selecting suppliers and partners, Swiss Life bases its decisions on ethical and ecological principles and works with local suppliers whenever possible.

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