Products and services

Swiss Life has longstanding experience in developing innovative and customer-oriented products in its life insurance and pensions business. Its customers and their needs are always the focus of all Swiss Life’s activities. The Swiss Life product strategy thus combines optimal customer value with profitability for the company. Regulators’ demands, regarding such things as solvency, as well as external factors like the economic and interest rate environment or demographic trends, must also be considered. Optimising and constantly developing the existing range of offerings so as to take into account all target groups, such as customers, investors, shareholders and supervisory authorities, is crucial in this endeavour.

The company offers private and corporate clients comprehensive and individual advice plus a broad range of own and partner products through its own agents, financial advisors and distribution partners. Swiss Life Select, the subsidiary specialising in financial planning for private households and brokering financial products, as well as the advisors of Tecis, Horbach, Deutsche Proventus and Chase de Vere, also part of the Group, use the Best Select approach to choose suitable products for customers from the market.

Swiss Life sets great store by transparent and accessible information about product and service offerings. Swiss Life supports customer-oriented advice by providing clear and comprehensive documentation. Swiss Life holistically promotes the comprehensibility and transparency of its products and services. Thus there are supporting video sequences on the various insurance and provisions topics available on the local internet pages, along with publications for download.

Long-term benefit commitments and obligations arising from pension and financial products demand a precise preliminary analysis of the legal and regulatory environment, and the associated risk. This also provides the basis for customer-oriented consulting and is a major factor in the avoidance of mistakes or violations in advising, and their possible consequences.


The practical design of products and services is guided by Group-wide standards and is in strict accordance with the local regulatory environment and legislation. The ability of Compliance to make adjustments even to existing products and services is guaranteed. Group-wide standards for the development of products and services are also adapted to framework conditions as required.

Swiss Life uses a variety of directives at Group level to regulate product management and has established a uniform, auditable product development process. This process defines the minimum requirements of local product development as well as the approval and escalation process for initiatives at Group level. The observance of laws and provisions, practical customer value and the quality of customer documentation are naturally essential criteria in the assessment process.

Group-wide compulsory regulations are implemented locally in the relevant directives. Swiss Life regularly reviews its product solutions and provides information on innovations and products with added customer value in its Annual Report.