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Social partnership

Open dialogue enhances trust between employees and the employer


The employee representatives and Corporate Executive Board maintain close contact with each other. Since 1996, Swiss Life has had a European Works Council (Art. 13 of Council Directive 94/45/EC of the European Parliament and Council). The nine-person “Europa Forum”, a committee comprising delegates from four countries, meets regularly with representatives of the Corporate Executive Board at ordinary and extraordinary meetings.
It deals with transnational information and consultation on topics which affect all Swiss Life employees.

Group-wide initiative "Health"

There was, by way of example, an in-depth discussion in 2015 on the Swiss Life 2015 Group-wide programme. The Group-wide initiative “Health” launched in 2014 was brought to a successful conclusion during the year under review. The market units have already formulated many offers in recent years geared towards this field. Current offers were reviewed, consolidated and extended as part of the initiative. The jointly managed working groups (employer representatives of Swiss Life and representatives of the local works councils) were responsible for the implementation in the divisions.

The mandate agreed with the Corporate Executive Board on "Health" covers three areas:

  • Best practice sharing
  • Assessing synergies between market units
  • Encouragement and support in the area.

Delegates of the Swiss Life Group and Europa Forum are represented equally in the project organisation.

Swiss Life 2015 corporate programme: The country-specific framework conditions resulted in different activities in the market units.

Activities to promote employee health are based on three pillars:

Prevention and health promotion

  • Prevention


Health management, risk minimisation, use of resources → leads to health in the workplace

  • Early intervention


Prevention of occupational disability

  • Reintegration


The aim of the "Health" initiative is to review, consolidate and expand current offers. The jointly managed working groups are responsible for the implementation (employer representatives of Swiss Life and representatives of the local works councils) in the market units.

The planned roll-out for 2015 includes a new online offering under the motto "Health & Well-being" plus the offers already on the intranet, which are available to all employees. The topics coming under "Health & Well-being" on the new online platform are divided among three groups:

  • Meaningfulness
  • Dealing with stress
  • Dealing with other (superiors, colleagues)

Employees receive access to learning sequences independently of time or location. They also have an extensive pool of brief videos, checklists and learning programmes to choose from and combine together.