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Social partnership

Open dialogue enhances trust between employees and the employer


The employee representatives and Corporate Executive Board maintain close contact with each other. Since 1996, Swiss Life has had a European Works Council (pursuant to EU Directives 94/45/EC and 2009/38/EC).

The nine-person “Europa Forum”, a committee comprising delegates from four countries, meets regularly with representatives of the Corporate Executive Board at ordinary and extraordinary meetings. It deals with transnational information and consultation on topics which affect all Swiss Life employees. Focal points in 2017 were: corporate strategy and strategy development, prevention and health maintenance, making work flexible, continuing education and e-learning, and intergenerational dialogue. 

What is more, Swiss  Life maintains local employee representation in numerous countries as legally required.


  •  The agreement concerning “simplified recording of working hours”, which entered into force on 1 April 2016, was formally confirmed at the annual review and will be continued.
  •  In 2017 the staff committee concentrated on providing support for the revision of staff regula-tions for employees on monthly and hourly pay as well as on collaborating on subprojects of the “Actively shaping your career” initiative.
  • As part of the 2018 salary review, the staff committee made a formal application to the Execu-tive Board for a salary increase of 1.5%.


A total of nine agreements were reached in 2017:

  •  Agreement on employment and competence planning (Gestion prévisionnelle des emplois et des compétences, GPEC)
  •  Second addendum to the hotline agreement to ensure attention to the special requirements of Customer Services
  • Mobile Office agreement
  • Agreement on distribution of profits
  • Agreement on mandate extension for employee representatives

Four agreements for business advisors:

  • Agreement on status and compensation
  • Mandatory annual wage negotiations 2018 (NAO)
  • Agreement on working hours
  • Agreement on compensation for absence


Swiss Life Germany

In 2017, five works agreements were reached between the Executive board and the Works Council on the following topics for which co-determination is mandatory:

  • Summary of individual regulations concerning a framework agreement on “Rollout, deploy-ment and further development of all currently available technical features (IT systems) or those in use in future”.
  • Work agreement on “Rollout and use of the LOGA personnel administration software”.
  •  Work agreement on “Basic salary increases in 2017 for non-management, non-pay-scale emp-loyees for the purposes of retaining high performers at Swiss  Life Germany and creating  performance incentives”.
  •  Work agreement on “Regulations concerning working hours”: employees are given the oppor-tunity to donate the net amount resulting from payment of time credits from their accumu-lated flextime or long-term account to the Swiss  Life “Stiftung für Chancenreichtum und Zukunft” (Foundation for Opportunities and the Future).
  •  Work agreement on “Team screening”: this involves a comprehensive, modular advisory  concept restricted at the moment to one unit.


Corpus Sireo, Germany

Works agreements 2017:

  • Group works agreement on “Enterprise organisational change”
  • Group works agreement “One Company works council structure”
  • Group works agreement “Transitional arrangements (works council structure)”


In the Luxembourg financial sector as well as in the insurance sector, salary agreements are signed at sector level. The most recent agreement was concluded in June  2015 between employee and employer representatives for a period of three years. Renewal negotiations began in 2017. Swiss Life plays an active role in these negotiations, seeking to reconcile the rights of employees with those of the employer. The aim is to maintain stipulations that allow employees to shape a self-determined future, both financially and in terms of employability, while expanding the employer’s cost control and further developing performance-based compensation.


Nine members; the chairwoman enjoys up to 20% work dispensation for work on the staff  committee, the vice chairwoman up to 15% and the members up to 10%.


70 part time members


Swiss Life Germany

Works Council Internal Services (responsible for the German branch in Garching as well as SLPM Schweizer Leben PensionsManagement GmbH, Swiss Life Asset Managers and Swiss Life Invest):

  •  Eleven members, two of them with 50% work dispensation for Works Council activities (Works Council chair and speaker of the PR committee), nine members with no dispensation.

Works Council Sales Force (responsible for intermediary distribution at branch office):

  • 7 persons: six without dispensation and one with 50% dispensation (Works Council chair Sales Force)

Central works council (responsible for Internal Services and Sales Force):

  • Five persons (2 representatives of Works Council Internal Services, 2 representatives of Works Council Sales Force, 1 representative of the severely handicapped)

Corpus Sireo, Germany

  •  Corpus Sireo Real Estate GmbH Works Council (re-election in September 2017): Eleven  members, one member with 100% work dispensation (Works Council chair), all other members without dispensation


The number of employee representatives and the time required for their work are directly  pro portional to the number of employees. In the Global Solutions area in Luxembourg, the  current employee representation consists of four ordinary representatives and four deputies. The employee representatives have at their disposal a total of 16 hours a week to perform their mandate.

The Swiss Life Products team in Luxembourg has reached the threshold of 15 employees and will thus elect its own employee representation in 2019.

Asset Managers Luxemburg

Swiss Life Fund Management (LUX) S.A. (SLFM)

The first election of an employee delegation at SLFM was held on 15 February 2017:

  • Two active delegates working full time
  • Two deputy delegates working full time
  • One security delegate working full time