Talent development

The targeted support of staff with potential opens up new development prospects


Swiss Life attaches great importance to the ongoing development and motivation of its employees and therefore provides target-oriented support to junior staff with potential. Employees displaying a high level of performance and potential are nominated each year for the talent programme. The initiative supports efforts to open up career paths within the company – in management, project management or specialist functions – with a view to filling key positions with qualified young staff from within Swiss Life.

The divisional talent pools help to prepare future first and second-level managers (team leaders and department heads) as well as project managers and specialists for their future roles through training modules and project work. All divisions conducted programmes, tailored to the particular requirements of each unit, at all locations during the reporting period.

The Key Persons Programme (KPP) implemented at Group level in 2015 is based on the Senior Manager programme, which proved a success over a number of years. Now, in addition to line managers, professional experts or project managers already in a key position or who have the potential for such a role are eligible for the programme.
The aim of the Key Persons Programme is to prepare people who show the desire and ability to help shape the company’s future in their own areas for a key position so they can live up to their role as a decision maker. The programme also plays a role in employee and succession planning. Within a 12-month period, the participants acquire a detailed insight into the Swiss Life Group, give and receive new impulses and directly apply what they have learnt to their daily work. The programme is based on the following four modules:

  • Leadership (communication)
  • Finance
  • Innovation, including dealing with competition and trends
  • Corporate strategy

Alumni meet the participants every year at the “Shaping the Future Day” when there is in-depth analysis of the Group’s strategic orientation, as well as an update and ensuing discussion on the progress of the Group-wide programme with the Corporate Executive Board.