Training and development

Ongoing staff development secures sustainable success


Swiss Life continuously invests in the internal and external training and development of its
employees. True to the motto of lifelong learning, employees, specialists and managers are
offered a range of learning opportunities on specialist topics as well as modules on social and methodological skills.

Young employees with potential have the opportunity to undertake all sorts of vocational
courses, apprenticeships, placements, graduate programmes and combined university degrees. Around 300 employees took part in one of these training opportunities in 2015. The Swiss Life Group employs these measures to ensure its future management and professional requirements.

Expenses for staff training and development within the Group in 2015 amounted to CHF 14.7 million – about CHF 1749 per employee. As a proportion of total personnel costs, the outlay for training and development is 1.8%. The investment is earmarked for a varied, needs-based training offering.

In addition to the traditional training options, a digital learning platform offers managers the opportunity to learn about leadership and management competencies in an efficient way, independently of time or place. The platform provides rapid access to standardised management processes, skills-oriented further training and other management topics.
Where necessary, a manager can select and combine a learning sequence from an extensive pool of learning resources including brief videos, checklists and learning programmes. The learning platform provides the basis for integrated learning architecture. In addition, a number of tailored training, advisory and coaching modules are available for managers and teams.