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Environmentally friendly construction and renovation

Swiss Life invests several hundred million francs annually in the maintenance of its properties and ensures enviorenmentally friendly construction for its new building projects.

Swiss Life is the owner of the largest private real estate portfolio in Switzerland. These properties are extremely important for the company, as they serve as investments for the benefit of the insured. Sustainability is vital both in the real estate business and in the insurance sector. This is why Swiss Life invests several hundred million francs annually in the maintenance of its properties and ensures environmentally friendly construction methods for its new building projects. Swiss Life thus makes a substantial contribution to maintaining the quality of the residential, working and living areas in Switzerland.

An optimum location, the provision of rest and recreation areas and the flexible use of the property are central requirements for tenants nowadays. This is why Swiss Life is committed to allowing higher-density housing, the use of new construction designs and the optimal exploitation of the space available – which is also good for the environment. When renovating property, Swiss Life reviews the use of alternative energy sources as a matter of course. A sustained and environmentally friendly form of construction is the utmost priority here. The following two examples illustrate this point:

Swiss Life France prioritizes the environment in its Real Estate activity

In France the property business of Swiss Life is organized around Swiss Life REIM (France), the management company of the group's real estate assets and Swiss Life Immobilier, the estate administrator. By applying a sustainable development approach to manage its real estate, Swiss Life fits into a sustainable solution. The aim is to deal with the risks, while maintaining the profitability of assets and contributing to the reduction of the impacts of buildings on the environment. It is through a well-defined organization, orchestrated notably by a Sustainable Development Committee and by the significant mobilization of all employees, that this approach can be applied and deployed.

Swiss Life Asset Managers supports the careful consumption of water

Since 2005, Swiss Life in Switzerland has equipped its privately owned apartments with metering devices for the consumption-based billing of water. 10 000 apartments have been equipped with such devices throughout Switzerland, whereby the careful consumption of water is guaranteed. This measure has resulted in water savings of almost 20% year-on-year and thus contributes to the protection of the environment.

Swiss Life Real Estate meets high ecological standards:


Switzerland’s first certified 2000-watt area is being constructed in Zurich under the name of “Greencity”. Swiss Life owns a residential and commercial development on two lots with 204 apartments and some 1000 m2 of commercial space.


Cutting-edge control technology in the interior of the business premises and apartments at the federation square in Zug as well as eco-friendly hot water production ensure operational ecology at the highest level.


The heating for the Swiss Life headquarters at General-Guisan-Quai in Zurich is generated using a thermal pump and lake water.