Stakeholder communication at Swiss Life

Swiss Life wants to know the needs and expectations of the different target groups and include them in its operations. That is how we ensure and maintain the trust of our stakeholders in our company.

Among Swiss Life's most important stakeholders are its customers, its employees and its investors, or shareholders, all of whom are affected directly or indirectly by Swiss Life's activities.

Through its network of agents and distribution partners, such as brokers and banks, Swiss Life is in direct contact with its customers and is thus able to respond rapidly to their concerns.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and better understand customer needs, Swiss Life depends on a continuous series of customer surveys performed by an independent market research institute. In 2015 alone, some 20 000 customers in Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK and Austria provided Swiss Life with their assessment, nominating as their key requirements trust, a palette of tailored solutions, and simple, comprehensible communications and processes.

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The success of Swiss Life is based on the skills and performance of its staff. Swiss Life stresses a culture of open communication. Regular performance reviews and team meetings ensure a lively exchange of ideas. In addition, the company conducts employee surveys at regular intervals. Participation is always excellent: In 2015 a rate of 86% was recorded. The 2015 results have shown that employee engagement is very high (85%), and that 90% of employees are proud to work at Swiss Life.

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Swiss Life sets great store by transparent communication with investors/shareholders and makes sure that they have quick and targeted access to all information relevant to their investment decisions. Swiss Life provides quarterly information on its business performance. The relevant reports and media releases are published on Swiss Life also participates in investors' conferences and arranges roadshows for investors. Swiss Life makes its strategic thrust known at regularly occurring Investors' Days. Investors/shareholders can make use of their voting rights at annual general meetings.

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Other important Swiss Life stakeholders are legislators and supervisory authorities, cooperation partners and representatives of the media, politics, industry associations, non-governmental organisations and suppliers, all of whom are also affected directly or indirectly by Swiss Life's activities.


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