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How we assume responsibility

Swiss Life attaches great importance to responsible corporate conduct – be this in its business activities, society, its role as an employer or towards the environment.


Responsibilty in society

Swiss Life is at the centre of public life and aware of its social responsibility. The company contributes to public dialogue around the subject of a “longer self-determined life” and is involved in many projects promoting self-determination and confidence.

Swiss Life wants to assume responsibility beyond the scope of its business operations. That includes a topic that affects everyone in Swiss Life’s core markets: Demographic development. People are living ever longer and want to maintain their self-determination and dignity as they grow old. Today most Europeans can expect to live over 80 years and some studies indicate the life expectancy of newborns today will even reach 100. By comparison: In 1900 people lived to about 45 on average. This development has far-reaching consequences.

Self-determination and pension provision are an opportunity for Swiss Life, as a co-founder of private pension provision in Switzerland, given demographic trends, to improve its solutions and products and add customer value in a growing pensions market by providing high-quality, targeted advice. Politicians and society are being called on to bring about changes that take the many consequences of rising life expectancy into account. Swiss Life set the ball rolling in Switzerland at the start of 2015 by launching the “Look after yourself” image campaign; in 2016, the “longer self-determined life” campaign will be rolled out across the Swiss Life Group. The company wants to engage in public discussion to raise cross-generational awareness around the subject of the social and economic consequences of ageing.

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Swiss Life and its employees support people with a large number of meaningful projects.

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Swiss Life regards an exchange of ideas with political bodies as extremely important. Swiss Life therefore seeks dialogue and contributes its expertise to the political debate.

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Swiss Life is a company of people working for people. We are committed to helping our clients and the general public beyond the scope of our business activities with sponsorship in the areas of sport and culture.

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