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How we assume responsibility

Swiss Life attaches great importance to responsible corporate conduct – be this in its business activities, society, its role as an employer or towards the environment.


Responsibility in Society

Swiss Life promotes projects and institutions in the fields of culture, science, education and the environment and research that promote self-determination and confidence. Swiss Life also observes its socio-political responsibility through exchange with politicians and associations.

Insurance companies are a crucial pillar of the economy, whether as employers, tax payers or investors. Furthermore, the insurance sector offers young people an attractive starting point for a career. With gross added value of CHF 30 billion in Switzerland, the insurance sector as a whole accounts for almost 5% of Switzerland’s economic performance, a significant contribution.

But Swiss Life’s economic contribution is much more than that. Swiss Life covers risks and, with its products and services, offers people the chance to focus on their strengths and skills and look to the future with confidence. At the same time, as a long-term investor, Swiss Life contributes to the stability of the financial centre. And in its role as one of Europe’s leading institutional real estate investors and owner of Switzerland’s largest private real estate portfolio, Swiss Life invests several hundred million francs every year in the renewal of its properties, and is thus also a key principal on the Swiss construction scene. By investing in its properties and with its active property management approach, Swiss Life shapes the urban character of Switzerland, creates residential and office space and makes the country an attractive place to live. As a tax payer, Swiss Life contributes to the economy and offers many people jobs and training opportunities.

Swiss Life’s activity is of social relevance as well, since the consequences of the demographic trend are largely underestimated and pose new challenges. If people are living ever longer and state pension systems reach their limits, every single individual will have to take on greater personal responsibility for their own future provisions. At the same time, self-determination is a basic human need, and the source of the Swiss Life purpose: we enable people to lead a selfdetermined life.

Swiss Life’s operational environment is significantly defined by political and regulatory conditions. For example, legal principles and their practical application in the form of ordinances have a direct effect on product design, processes and the manner of reporting to shareholders, supervisory authorities and the public.

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Swiss Life supports projects and institutions in the fields of culture, science, education and the environment and research, and operates seven of its own foundations. In all social activities of the Swiss Life Group, the focus is on projects that promote self-determination and confidence.

Learn more in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2018