Responsibilty in society

Swiss Life is at the centre of public life and aware of its social responsibility. The company contributes to public dialogue around the subject of a “longer self-determined life” and is involved in many projects promoting self-determination and confidence.

The Swiss financial sector, where one franc in every nine is generated, represents a substantial portion of the Swiss economy. The insurance sector contributes CHF 28 billion to that figure, which is not much less than the banks. About 50 000 people in Switzerland work in insurance and every year 2000 young people have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career in insurance.

As an insurance company, Swiss Life plays an important role in a healthy economy: Swiss Life assumes risks and offers people the chance to look to the future with confidence. But Swiss Life’s economic contribution is much more than that. As a long-term investor, Swiss Life contributes to the stability of the financial centre. As one of Europe’s leading institutional real estate investors and owner of Switzerland’s largest private real estate portfolio, Swiss Life invests several hundred million francs every year in the renewal of its properties, and is thus also a key principal on the Swiss construction scene. Swiss Life helps to shape the urban landscape of Switzerland and creates living and working space. As a tax payer, Swiss Life contributes to the economy and offers jobs and training opportunities.

Swiss Life’s operational environment is heavily influenced by political and regulatory decisions. Swiss Life cultivates contact with representatives from the political and business communities as well as supervisory authorities and is committed inter alia to a major reduction in the excessive capital requirements placed on Swiss insurance companies. Swiss Life closely coordinates its political work and communication with trade and umbrella associations. Moreover, there are Swiss Life company executives who are members of various national business associations.

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Swiss Life has been supporting charitable projects and institutions for years from the fields of culture, science, education and the environment and research. We focus on projects and initiatives promoting confidence and self-determination, which are connected to our Group-wide guiding theme “a longer self-determined life”.

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Swiss Life has been an active supporter of film-making in Switzerland for many years. The films usually centre around people and their stories – just as Swiss Life does.

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Swiss Life is a company of people working for people. We are committed to helping our clients and the general public beyond the scope of our business activities with sponsorship in sport.

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