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Charitable engagement

Swiss Life has been supporting a host of charitable projects for many years. The emphasis here is on projects and initiatives compatible with confidence and self-determination.

The “Perspectives Foundation”, founded in 2005, has a leading role in the Swiss home market. It promotes charitable initiatives in the areas of health, science, education, culture and sport, donating between CHF 1.3 and 1.5 million every year to social and charitable projects in Switzerland.

Swiss Life is also a co-founder of the Swiss Climate Foundation, which promotes improved
energy efficiency and innovative climate protection solutions and supports small and mediumsized enterprises engaged in climate protection initiatives.

In France, Swiss Life gives support to the Fondation Swiss Life, which was founded in 2009 and works with charitable healthcare institutions, such as the Institut Curie or Association France Alzheimer.

Swiss Life Germany has been a contributor to the Nicolaidis Foundation since 2007, a non-profit organisation for widows, widowers and their children.

Swiss Life Select, with locations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic, has been helping children in need since 1991 through its charity known as “Foundation Confidence for Children”.

Swiss Life has been an active supporter of film-making in Switzerland for many years. The films usually centre around people and their stories – just as Swiss Life does. For example, Swiss Life is committed to the Solothurner Filmtage, the Festival del Film in Locarno and the Zurich Film Festival.

The Fondation Swiss Life in France supports cultural initiatives in France through its “Art en
partage” initiative. The project focuses mainly on events for people whose daily lives make it difficult to obtain access to culture. For example, the foundation finances concerts and art exhibitions for the benefit of people in nursing homes, sick children or patients with dementia.


In Switzerland, Swiss Life has sponsored the Swiss Football Association for over ten years; it is also a partner of Swiss Orienteering and of schweiz.bewegt, the biggest personal mobility and nutrition project in Switzerland.

Swiss Life in Germany has also been committed to regional grass-roots and disabled sporting activities for several years.

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