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Swiss Life accompanies and advises its customers throughout their life. Private and corporate clients benefit from our comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions. Through its clear strategic orientation and consistent development of its successful business model, Swiss Life ensures its customers can lead their longer lives in an assured and self-determined way.


Swiss Life 2018: an overview

Swiss Life has more than 160 years of experience affording people financial security. Thanks to a clear strategy and consistent implementation of planning, Swiss Life can make its customers a long-term, solid, attractive value proposition.


The Swiss Life Group is one of Europe's leading comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions providers. Customers are the centrepiece of its corporate strategy: Swiss Life helps its customers lead a longer self-determined life with confidence. Its business is based on a clear strategy, strong corporate values and a powerful brand.

Swiss Life reports regularly on its strategic priorities and associated financial objectives. In November 2015 Swiss Life presented its Group-wide programme «Swiss Life 2018».

The Group-wide programme is based on the «Swiss Life 2015» and Milestone programmes, both now successfully concluded, which provided Swiss Life's competitive position sustainable reinforcement despite a difficult environment. Alongside profitability, margin management and cost efficiency, disciplined asset and liability management remain central to Swiss Life's market success. Swiss Life's long investment duration and robust direct investment income enable it to withstand the current low interest rate environment and protect its interest margin. The investment strategy is structured so that consistent asset and liability management ensures the interest rate margin is protected for decades. The company can thus meet its customer guarantees, even if the low interest rate environment endures over the long term.

"Swiss Life 2018" - strategic thrusts

To promote quality of earnings and earnings growth, Swiss Life is prioritising four profit sources: The savings result, the risk result, the fee and commission result and the cost result. Swiss Life will increase the resilience of its business model by continuing the expansion of its fee and commission business, which is comparatively capital-light.

Swiss Life will continue in future consistently focusing all business processes on customers. In addition, over the next three years, Swiss Life will increase investment by well over CHF 100 million to further the development of the business model, and thus lay the foundations of the Group's future success. The investments are to be primarily in digitalisation, quality of advice and organic growth initiatives.