Leading Swiss Sunday newspaper “SonntagsZeitung” recently published its fourth annual pension fund survey. Swiss Life performed extremely well, with its collective foundation taking top honours for risk and administration costs. Swiss Life also won second place in three other areas: service quality, return on investment, and interest yields.
The research for the survey evaluated questionnaires and offers from 27 collective foundations* covering 157,000 companies and over 1.2 million insureds.

Commenting on Swiss Life’s success, Hans-Jakob Stahel, Head of Corporate Clients at Swiss Life said: “We are proud that Swiss Life was never less than second in all four areas evaluated. And we are particularly pleased to come first for risk premiums this year. In the current difficult economic environment, low costs for risk and administration are particularly important to our corporate clients.”

Outstanding performance, additional guarantees
As Switzerland’s leading provider of employee benefits, Swiss Life clearly offers outstanding benefits to its clients, and additional guarantees beyond those offered by autonomous collective funds.

For example, clients with full insurance contracts benefited from comprehensive guarantees on nominal values, liquidity and interest rates. In 2008, Swiss Life paid competitive local rates of interest of 2.75% on obligatory savings and 2.25% on supplementary savings. In addition, clients enjoyed the security of knowing that they had adequate coverage, with no need to make additional contributions, and no disadvantages for leavers.

* Swiss collective foundations manage pension fund assets on behalf of several pension funds. The pension funds entrust their money to the collective foundation to invest professionally and with profit. This is important, since many pension funds that belong to small companies have neither the know-how nor the resources to invest their assets profitably.

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