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09.01.2020 Citi European Insurance Conference    
16.01.2020 Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference presentation  
17.01.2020 Octavian Seminar 2020 presentation  
28.02.2020 Full-year results 2019 documents and details  
02.03.2020 Roadshow London    
03.03.2020 Roadshow Zurich    
04.03.2020 Roadshow Frankfurt    
04.03.2020 Roadshow Geneva    
18.03.2020 Publication Annual Report 2019 documents and details  
19.03.2020 Morgan Stanley Financials Conference    
28.04.2020 Annual General Meeting 2020 documents and details
30.04.2020 Ex-dividend date (ordinary dividend)    
04.05.2020 Record date (ordinary dividend)    
05.05.2020 Dividend payment date (ordinary dividend)    
12.05.2020 Interim statement Q1 2020 documents and details  
22.07.2020 Ex-dividend date (reduction in par value)    
23.07.2020 Record date (reduction in par value)    
24.07.2020 Dividend payment date (reduction in par value)    
13.08.2020 Half-year results 2020
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04.11.2020 Interim statement Q3 2020   add to calendar

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Please note that our "quiet period" starts 4 weeks prior to our annual and half-year results disclosure and
2 weeks before our interim statements and the Investor Day.