Sustainability is at the heart of what Swiss Life does to enable current and future generations to lead a self-determined life.

CO₂-neutralisation through certified projects

Operational activities at Swiss Life have been net zero since 2022. The measured, unavoidable CO₂ emissions from operational ecology are neutralised by certified projects in the core European markets (Switzerland, France and Germany).  Swiss Life supports projects that contribute not only to reducing CO₂ but also to preserving biodiversity. One of these is the Oberallmig climate protection project, which focuses on forest conservation/reafforestation.

Our principle

In the pursuit of its core business, financial provision and advice, Swiss Life contributes directly to the sustainability of society and the economy. Over and above this, the company acknowledges its responsibility as an employer and in relation to the environment.

Sustainability Report

We report annually and transparently on issues related to sustainability in our sustainbility report.

Swiss Life's sustainability strategy

The sustainability strategy of Swiss Life is an integral part of the new Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2024”. To this end, the company has set out clear goals for making progress in the area of sustainability and making this measurable and transparent for stakeholder groups.

Governance and Materiality matrix

Sustainable thinking and action are valued highly at Swiss Life. Therefore, the highest management body in matters of sustainability is the Corporate Executive Board, chaired by the Group CEO. Swiss Life’s materiality matrix shows which topics are relevant for Swiss Life and its stakeholders.

Contribution to Society

Swiss Life makes a direct contribution to societal challenges: it helps people to avoid growing financial gaps in the areas of future provisions, risk protection and health. Swiss Life also supports projects and institutions in the areas of culture, science, education and research.

Memberships and Reports

Swiss Life is a member of various sustainability initiatives. Participating in a conversation via selected networks enables Swiss Life to better understand the requirements and expectations of the company with regard to environmental and social issues and to react more expeditiously to challenges and developments.

Human rights

Swiss Life has committed to social and environmental standards in all its areas of influence. How the company takes responsibility with regard to human rights, is outlined in the Swiss Life "Declaration of respect for human rights".

Goals and measures

Business behaviour

Diligence and responsible action form the basis for successful and sustainable business activity, which at Swiss Life is accompanied by a continuous reduction in CO₂ emissions.

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Asset owner & manager

Swiss Life has been systematically integrating environmental and social factors as well as aspects of good corporate governance into its investment process and risk management for several years.

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Insurance & advisory

Swiss Life’s advisory and product strategy combines optimal customer value with profitable and sustainable business behaviour.

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Swiss Life promotes the continuous development of its employees and offers them a working environment in which they can act with personal responsibility.

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