77 % of multi-client pool participants awarded international dividend.

For clients whose contracts cover insufficient lives or premium to meet the criteria for a client-specific pool, Swiss Life offers the option of participating in our multi-client pool.

Currently, the Swiss Life Network multi-client pool covers over 59,000 employees in 99 multinational companies, with a total premium of over CHF 60 million.

The Swiss Life Network is pleased to announce that 77 % of the clients in our multi-client pool will receive an international dividend based on the 2010 results.

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Requirements for entering the multi-client pool:
- Support from multinational headquarters
- One new contract concluded with one Swiss Life Network partner, covering at least 10 lives

The advantages of the multi-client pool include:
- Potential international dividend
- Stop-loss accounting system
- Information to the parent company on local contract inclusion
- Top risks included in the pool
- Annual summary of contract performance

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For more information
please contact Mr. Martin Ott, Swiss Life
E-mail: Martin.Ott@swisslife.com
Phone: +41 43 284 31 75