In Germany, competition for skilled personnel is in full swing. Good employees are the most important asset in every industry. The major challenge for employers is not only to find and recruit the best professionals, but also to retain their loyalty to the company in the long term.
Good Plans Attract Top Candidates

By offering attractive employer-financed occupational pension benefit packages, companies can enhance their competitiveness in the search to attract high performers, as the financial value offered by supplementary pension plans is highly valued by job candidates. Swiss Life Germany is well-known for its high level of expertise and flexibility in the challen-ging field of occupational pension solutions. The insurer provides extensive support to employers for the development and implementation of modern employee benefit schemes that are attractive to both employers and their staff.

Meeting Both Sets of Interests
Employee benefit schemes need to meet the interests of both employers and employees in order tomake the most of their added value as a way to retain good staff.

Defined Contribution fits the Bill
Defined contribution plans are an ideal way to combine the interests of both parties, particularly since they offer the key advantage of making it easy for employees to see the monetary value of their supplementary plan. This leads to a higher level of appreciation in comparisonwith traditional defined benefit plans. Typically, defined contribution schemes are linked to a percentage of each employee’s salary. The employer contributes to the plan either monthly or annually. The benefits accrued are related to the employer’s contributions, with the plan design eliminating funding risks for the employer. If employees terminate service before retirement, or if actuarial assumptions change, the benefits always remain related to the contributions paid into the plan: there can be no funding gaps. Matching plans, into which employees also contribute, are very common in Germany – either on a voluntary basis or linked to the condition that the employer will only provide funding if the employee also contributes a certain percentage of salary.

Outsourcing Administration to Experts
An external carrier for an employee benefits scheme, like the Swiss Life Unterstützungskasse e. V., relieves employers of administrative burdens and provides expert advice and support for all aspects of occupational pensions. Swiss Life Germany provides a full range of products and services on employee benefit forcompanies to help attract and retain talents. Swiss Life Germany has wonnumerousprizesandexcellent product ratings for itsemployee benefit plans over the years. The latest example of the very positive response to Swiss Life Germany’s occupational pension solutions comes from Ascore, which recently awarded the Swiss Life Unterstützungskasse e. V. a 4,5-star ‘very good’ quality label. The Ascore rating aims at supporting brokers and advisors in choosing the best solutions for their clients and not only focuses on the products, but also on the provider.

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